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APCS Australian Pool Compliance

NSW Pool Safety Registration, Inspection & Compliance Services
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Are you Selling or Leasing your Property with a Swimming Pool or Spa? 

As of 29 April 2016 you will need Pool Compliance Certification.

SELLING: In the case of selling a property, new amendments have allowed that a Non Compliance Certificate is also an alternative to a Compliance Certificate.

LEASINGHowever , any home with a Pool entering into a new lease after the 29th April 2016 will be required to provide a Pool Compliance Certificate to the tenant as part of the new Lease agreement. 


APCS specialises in delivering thorough, quick and cost effective Certification, having conducted over

 2000 inspections since 2016


However, don't leave it to the last minute.


Currently over 90% of Homes with a Pool or Spa  DO NOT comply. That means anything from major rectification to organising a handyman to bring your Pool up to Standard. We are now servicing the Sydney and Greater Sydney Metropolitan Area


Australian Pool Compliance Services is a leader in pool safety compliance and is located in New South Wales with offices in Auburn, Concord, Bondi and Kogarah


APC Services assists those who would like to comply with the new mandatory NSW regulations asserting that pool safety inspections and pool certification are to be administered on or before April 29, 2016.


Real estate agents and landlords alike are advised that facilitating their compliance in line with these new NSW pool safety inspection requirements are mandatory to all those who wish to sell or lease a property that includes a swimming pool; a Certificate of Compliance must be issued before any contract of sale or lease can be executed.


APC Services is Here to Simplify Swimming Pool Registration and Compliance


As a result of this new NSW pool legislation coming into effect on April 29, 2016, APC Services is here to make the process of obtaining certification a simple and trouble-free exercise through our 6 man team of Certified Pool Safety Inspectors

APC Services is a qualified and Certified Pool Satey Inspectors and active member of SPASA AUSTRALIA (Swimming Pool and Spa Association) that has been involved in the property industry for a quarter of a century; it is the role of APC Services to facilitate pool safety inspection for pool compliance and assist with pool certification.


In order to obtain your swimming pool certification in NSW, please do not hesitate to contact APC Services. We are also available to those who simply wish to ask questions relating to their property, impending regulations, or otherwise.


APC Services can be contacted at   0425 350 790


Contact us to get the wheels turning on your swimming pool certificate of compliance. APC Services are custom tailored for both the general public in addition to the real estate and property industry as a whole to have swimming pools and spa pools compliant and safe.


Are You a Real Estate Agent or Strata Agent?


If you are a real estate agent or a Strata agent, APC Services Sydney Pool Safety Inspection Service can help; real estate agents and strata agents with clients who own properties that include a swimming pool or spa in the NSW, –we can help!




The responsibility of Pool safety rests on both the home owner as well as the corporate body, regardless of whether either group lives at the property or not. It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of children and other persons who come into contact with any swimming pool on a property you own, purchase, or sell!


Without NSW government certification from a pool safety compliance expert you will be unable to move forward with a rental, purchase or sale and insurance may be compromised.


APC Services offer prompt, effective, fair, and accurate pool safety compliance for all those in need of mandated regulation adherence.

For more info - check our Free Stuff and/or Checklists or email

or call  Alexander Stephandellis - 0425 350 790  

Leasing a Property with a Swimming Pool or Spa Pool


Landlords and real estate agents must ensure that any residential tenancy agreement entered on or after 29 April 2016 for any property with a swimming pool or spa pool:


  • has a valid swimming pool certificate of compliance or a relevant occupation certificate, and

  • a copy of the certificate of compliance is provided to the tenant.


Selling a property with a Swimming Pool or Spa Pool


If you are selling any property with a swimming pool or spa pool on and after 29 April 2016 you must ensure the contract for sale includes:


  • a valid swimming pool certificate of compliance or non -compliance Certificateor or a relevant occupation certificate issued within the last three years, and

  • a certificate of registration. 


Failure to attach the certificates may allow the purchaser to rescind the contract within 14 days of exchange, unless settlement has already occurred.


Full Details:

Selling or Leasing your Property with a Pool or Spa; Info from Office of Local Government


For more details see our section of Free Stuff or call  0425 350 790

NSW Pool Safety Rules

As of 29th April 2016

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