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About Us

Chris Stephandellis is the head of our 5 Person Pool Inspection Team which includes son, Alexander.


Chris has been in the Property Industry for over 28 years, but is now specialising in the Safety of our children and Pool and Spa Safety Compliance and Inspections.

The team having now conducted over 2000 inspections since 2016


We are proud of the Service provided to our clients. 

We guarantee 1-2  days lead in time (subject to property access) and our Comprehensive reports are delivered within 24 hours of the inspection


Our main priority is our children's safety - 'Keeping our Kids safe"


An Associate member of SPASA NSW & ACT (Swimming Pool and Spa Association) and Qualified E1 Certifiers we are conscious of the safety of children as well as the urgency that may be needed at times by the Public as well as the Real Estate and Property Industry in general to have Swimming Pools and Spa Pools compliant and safe.


We encourage our clients to go over the  Free Stuff and Checklists provided on our website to help make your Pool compliant on our first visit.


Remember the responsibility of Pool safety lies with the Home Owner/Body Corporate, whether they live at the property or not.

Phone - 0425 350 790

NSW Building Professionals Board Certification

APCS Australian Pool Compliance
APCS Australian Pool Compliance
APCS Australian Pool Compliance
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